EZ Like a...talk show

EZ Like a...Talk Show.

Some may say EZLA is soft as an easy chair, fresh as the morning air. Join me on the weekends to catch up on the week's best gossip about the Ralph Report (and the whole Ralph Garman-verse), hear my latest music drops and meet some new people too! Grab a cup of joe and let's go!

EZ LIke a...Lost episode with Ralph Garman

EZLA’s Queen J (JenRen) and Lindsay from Arkansas dish Ralph’s origin story, from KROQ to Kevin Smith, the McFarlanverse and beyond! Plus, a TRR crossover exclusive - Kupe Unhinged! New jingles, old and new segments. So much to love on EZLA...

EZ Like a..REturn of the Eddie (Pence)

The force is strong in this episode! EZLA’s Queen J (Jen Ren) and Lindsay fangirl actor/comedian/podcaster Eddie Pence of The Ralph Report. WARNING: we freak out Eddie and he almost vomits! Also we examine real and imagined 70’s horror flicks! So much to love on EZLA ...

Are you part of the garmy?

Let's face it, I may be the biggest fangirl of the Ralph Report. Wanna know why? Well, check out this link and see for yourself :)

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